Online Workshop

Leadership in the virtual world is much more than merely using appropriate communication technology. It is about being able to engage people from far away to produce results together. It builds on a shared vision to help people to drive impact and innovation together.

The Leadership Masterclass in the virtual world provides you with a fresh and practical approach to respond with awareness, skills and confidence to the today’s and needs for a 21st Century, - thus to take your business/career to a whole new level. 

Executives, Managers, Consultants, Team Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, Facilitators

Anyone who is willing to enhance their virtual leadership skills.


  • Explore the ups and downs of virtual work

  • Enhance your understanding of yourself and colleagues/peers/business leaders, working remotely 

  • Explore the range of technology for virtual work 

  • Explore team collaboration and leadership approaches 

  • Optimize your client and vendor relationships 

  • Develop your business/work confidence to move beyond your challenges 


Program Details

Duration: 12 hours 

Method: Online, highly interactive, new insights in combination with reflection sessions including:

  • Pre-work and self-assessment

  • 3 online live facilitated and highly engaging webinars

  • Structured interim assignments

  • Final exam and certificate award

  • Ongoing implementation support after your program has been completed

Program Date

Coming soon !

Programme fee EUR 1200
The fee includes the programe delivery and materials.

We will be in touch with you within 48 hours to complete the registration process. For more information contact us