Matanat RAHIMOVA, Ph.D., MBA is a dedicated catalyst of the virtual leadership and facilitated online networked learning, specializing in complex change projects involving virtual and agile teams spread from Vancouver to Vladivostok. She has worked for and with private companies, academia and the United Nations’ intergovernmental organizations (e.g. CTBTO, OSCE, UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP, UNDP, WB, ADB, SOS Children’s Villages International) across many sectors, from nuclear non-proliferation to education, from AI and IT to sustainability and public-private-partnership. 

Matanat is a passionate driver of ongoing innovation, virtual leadership and people engagement to make a high impact together.

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Corina RADU is a sustainability expert at the crossroad of technology, innovation and partnership, experienced in design and implementation of programs for building local ecosystems. 

Corina is a dedicated strategic partnership founder of  sustainability consultancy, for SMEs/startups,  interested in integrating sustainability principles. Their biggest challenge is not knowing where to start from. She offers them solutions such as Sustainable Development Framework or Sustainability Self-Assessment, that gives them clarity on their biggest opportunities for implementing sustainability and a clear action plan. They move from being confused and overwhelmed, to a state of clarity and action. Her focus is to establish a strategic social responsibility vision at superior level,  by integrating sustainable development goals (SDG) into business strategies, boost fast agile learning, nurture sustainable teams development and share best practices .

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