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I found the "New Teams Agility" Online Program very useful for my day to day activities. The most useful aspect of this course was the idea of creating a group work preferences. I have never thought of that but for sure I will apply on my future projects and whenever engaging with future associates.

ALIN, Engineer, Romania

The most useful and helpful during this course was the awareness on coworker’s different work preferences and perspectives. This helped me to be mindful and to better navigate through conflict and challenging times. Additionally, this can be used as a powerful tool to manage diversity at work place for its advantages and all benefits it brings.

BOJAN, Team Leader, Austria

Before starting the program on New Team Agility, I thought I was very much equipped to lead and manage a medical team through current stressful COVID 19 time. However,  practical skills and knowledge received on personal workstyle preferences and communication skills, helped me to identify and then to work on my weak points in team management. I am grateful for taking this program! 


During the "New Teams Agility" Online Program I learned how to use new ways to communicate better during pandemic time. The course was very useful, friendly with open discussions.

CATALIN, Engineer, Romania 

The most useful thing I have learned during the New Team Agility Masterclass, was the approach to team management at the very beginning of a project or an assignment, particularly how to balance the strengths and weaknesses of a team!

SHABNAM, Austria